Kerala Floods

The recent floods that ravaged Kerala had been its worst ever. The incessant rains the lasted days saw 35 of its 39 dams open its gates. These waters had rivers swelling over and breaching its banks, displacing millions across the state.

The unprecedented nature of this calamity had caught many unaware. With Onam – the traditional festival of the region – around the corner, many had flocked home to be with their loved ones, only to be asked to leave everything behind, seek higher ground.

There are only a few still alive in the state who can recall a calamity as severe as this. The entirety of the state was at risk, all fourteen districts. Kerala’s last flood was a century ago, in 1924. Those who could recall remembered it to be less severe than the one that they were facing now.

The lush green fields that decorated this God’s Own Country were swept away in the fury of the floods. But no calamity could rip the communities apart; each helped each other and moved to higher grounds where they hoped help would come.

Help did come! The navy and the air-force had, on orders, sprang to life deploying choppers to the inlands and regions around Periyar. Kindled by compassion and duty, the locals rushed to help as well in what ways they knew. It is perhaps how the fishermen took to the inlands on the flooded rivers that would be the most memorable of the stories that emerged.

Many more remain untold. Political identities were cast aside, and so were notions of caste and language. Help was sought and given, without reluctance.

It would take Kerala two long years to recover from this calamity, but it is not the prerogative of the government alone to lay out the road for Kerala’s recovery. It falls on us all.

It is to this extend that EROS Group had been conducting collection drives across their properties in NCR in association with People for Action, an NGO dedicated to relief efforts.

EROS Group is committed to the rebuilding of Kerala and we hope you will too.

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