The Importance of Educating the Girl Child

Educating the girl child refers to not only the general education that they may receive through schools and colleges but also include their skill development too through vocational training. In addition to this, there’s also the need to educate them on health, finance, and they fundamental rights.

The education of girl child is vital for bringing about socio-economic changes in the society. Most countries – including India – have a constitution that guarantees equal rights to both women and men.

Primary education is a key right. When a girl is aware of them and protected by them, it ensures great sustainability and security to the society.

Various steps have been taken by both government and non-government organisations towards improving the education of girl child. The recent campaign – Beti Bachao Beti Padao comes to mind. It is a great example of how we can bring about much faster progress for the same.

A large population of Indian women, especially in the rural areas, depend on their men and their livelihood. The single dependency is limiting what they could achieve. With proper education, women are empowered with economic independence which helps them break away from the stereotypes into which they are bound.
It can also pave way for improved health and a good life for the girl child. Her identity will not be lost, and she would be less likely to be limited by societal conditioning. Educated women have also dispelled the house wife status by which they were once labelled and some still are. Women are now breaking glass ceilings and soaring to new heights.

Today, educated women are a source of inspiration to millions of young girls who now have made them their role models. It has also opened doors for new avenues of growth for the society.

Girl child education is not one to be taken for granted. Though the Indian society had witnessed much change in the past few years, more work needs to be done still in bringing about gender parity.

EROS Group is pleased to announce that we have associated with to facilitate scholarships to meritorious girl students across the nation. Abhilasha Scholarship applications are open until the end of the month. For more details, please visit

#EROSGroup #BetiBachaoBetiPadao

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