Importance of CSR activities in Indian Real Estate

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are undertaken by corporate to help the underprivileged with various means. This might be through providing free or subsidised education, food, health check-ups or helping the society as a whole by organising awareness campaigns around tree plantation, traffic, safety & security etc.

At Eros Group, since our inception 70 years ago we have always stressed on helping the needy and the less privileged ones with whatever we can. In fact taking the thoughts ahead we have recently launched a series of CSR activities which includes distribution of blankets last winter at our Greater Noida project site and continuing it with tree plantation, conducting yoga camps for our buyers and recently constructed Greater Noida West’s first public drinking water system just outside our project, Eros Sampoornam. Very soon we are planning to organise Blood Donation camps as we have heard that most of the NCR based hospitals do not have sufficient blood bottles to meet the demands. We have decided to conduct such CSR activities at least once in a month.

Real estate sector suffers from trust and if all the developers who actually care for their surroundings join hands to bring a change and start doing something for others then this sector will never again become the victim of mistrust.

There are very few people who have the will & the resources too, to help others and this should be a responsibility.

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